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4114 Diesel Engine

4114 Diesel Engine

4114 Diesel Engine developed on the basis of 6114 Diesel Engine expands the power coverage of 114 Serial Diesel Engine. Advanced in design and compact in structure, it is an ideal power for medium & light engineering machinery.

Strong Power
With a maximum rated power of 147kW and a coefficient of torque reserve as high as 1.20, 4114 Diesel Engine fills up a gap in the power of domestic similar vertical quadruple cylinder machine.

Low Vibration and Noise
The system, optimally equipped with the vibration isolation device, can effectively reduce overall vibration noise.
Excellent Performance
4114 Diesel Engine is low in use cost with a minimum fuel consumption rate of 198g/kW.h.
Main Technical Parameters of 4114 Diesel Engine

Representative Model D4114ZG1B D4114ZG2B D4114ZG3B D4114ZG4B D4114ZLG1B
Bore* Stroke (mm) 114×130
Rated Power (kW) 90 100 95 92 105
Rated Speed (t/min) 1800 2400 2050 2200 2100
Minimum Fuel Consumption (g/kW.h) 205
Rate of Torque Reserve >15%
Noise (dB(A)) ≤98

6114 Diesel Engine

6114 diesel engine, developed in cooperation with AVL Company on the basis of the features of Chinese oil products and customers' operating features, is the newest and the most technically advanced engine among domestic mature engines and one of the main powers of domestic engineering machinery with a social possession amount of over 120,000.

High Design Integration
6114 diesel engine adopts a design mode of multifunctional integration for overall structure, and is concise in structure with the quantity of its basic parts and components 25% less than common diesel engines. Naturally reducing potential faults, besides, it is small and light.
Good Economy
6114 diesel engine is more fuel-saving under the same use condition, and the core technology is exclusive to us.
Extensive Power Coverage
6114 diesel engine has a designed maximum power of 350hp with its power covering the majority of auxiliary engineering machinery areas.
Main Technical Parameters of 6114 Diesel Engine

Representative Model D6114ZGB D6114ZG1B D6114ZG4B D6114ZLG9B
Bore × Stroke (mm) 114×135
Rated Power (kW) 160 140 105 125
Rated Speed (t/min) 2200 2200 1900 2200
Minimum Fuel Consumption (g/kW.h) 200
Rate of Torque Reserve ≥20% ≥10% ≥25% ≥10%
Noise (dB(A)) ≤98
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